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Paneer - Protein Packed Ingredient !
Paneer, cottage cheese, chaman, chhena, the home-made white cheese with many names, appears to have always been a part of Indian cuisine. It’s origins are, however, the subject of some debate. Wherever or however it originated, paneer has in recent times assumed the status of a delicious, nutritious alternative to non-vegetarian food. Packed as it is with protein and all the goodness of milk, vegetarians have found that paneer is the perfect substitute for meat and poultry in almost any dish so much that it can even Indianise the pizza! All kids love paneer, and so it seems, but for further reading on child care click on Tips that can help in child care.

Wasabi Sesame Crusted Paneer

Wasabi Sesame Crusted Paneer:


A touch of innovation converting desi paneer into something exotically different!

A touch of exotic >
  Lehsuni Dhania Paneer:

Lehsuni Dhania Paneer:


A perfect dish for the party table.

Perfection served >
  Paneer ki Kheer:

Paneer ki Kheer:


Paneer does not only make elaborate Bengali mithai. Try a simple dessert like this one too!

Simplistic bliss >

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