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Baisakhi, like most other Indian Festivals, is celebrated throughout the country with great joy. However, if you are Punjabi, then this is a mega event for you. Baisakhi is celebrated as a harvest festival, a religious festival and also as a New Year in Punjab. A visit to the gurudwara, partaking of the kada prashad and sharing a pious langar meal, are a must. Preparing an elaborate Punjabi meal is certainly not as difficult as it seems. Punjabi food, like the Punjabi people, is extravagant, so don’t worry if you go a little overboard on the ghee or sugar in your dishes. Once that is taken care of, you can enjoy the Baisakhi festivities with your friends and family, in true Punjabi style! Oye Balle Balle!

Here are some delicious and easy-to-make recipes for you to begin with:

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Chole Dhaniya Masala :

Delicious Chole with the flavour of fresh coriander.

This baisakhi enjoy chole with your family>  

Chole Dhania Masala
Malai aur Pedewali Lassi
Malai aur Pedewali Lassi :

Mouthwatering lassi with the richness of malai peda.

Taste a delight experience of lassy with malai peda>

Akhrot ka Halwa:

A rich halwa made with crunchy walnuts. Taste guaranteed!

Tasty nutritious Akhrot ka Halwa>

Akhrot ka Halwa

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