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Whether you are going to office, school or college – your tiffin dabba is one of the most important things in your bag. Obviously, because eating something fancy in the canteen or a restaurant can never compete with the comfort of eating a home cooked meal. Your tiffin should be wholesome and filling, without making you crave for that post lunch afternoon nap. One dish meals are an excellent option for office and school tiffin boxes. Include fresh fruits, vegetables, rotis, rice, lentils, sandwiches and pastas in your lunch box and maybe a piece of chocolate or a paan post lunch. Remember variety is the spice of life, keep trying out new dishes and combinations and you will never get bored off your tiffin dabba.

Try out these perfect tiffin recipes

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Tawa Pulao:

A spicy combination of rice and vegetables, easy to carry and prepare, tasty and healthy to eat. Tastes best with a portion of raita or curd.

Try the spicy and tasty rice>  

Tawa Pulao
Multigrain Hone Mustard Chicken Sandwich
Multigrain Honey Mustard Chicken Sandwich:

A nutritious sandwich filled with chicken, mayonnaise and mustard sauce. Light yet wholesome!

A nutritious healthy sandwich>

Farfalle in Lemon Cream Sauce:

Butterfly shaped pasta tossed in a mildly flavored creamy tangy sauce. A hit with the kids!

Brings tasty flavour to your tiffin>

Farfalle in Lemon Cream Sauce

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