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    Jan 13 Vol.1    
Chef Sanjeev Kapoor  

Festival packed season is over and so are the sweet and savoury indulgences. Winter chills, calls for something that tantalizes the taste buds and warms the heart. This edition, we have taken care to bring you assortment of appealing soups that will satisfy every kind of soul out there. Try out our yummy and nutritious soupy surprises. Low caloriedelightful diet packed with Vitamin C and a good way to start the New Year.

Matar Ka Shorba Matar Ka Shorba :

Fittingly seasoned and perfected, this delicious, textured and aromatic preparation is a clear-cut–winner all the way. Give it a green signal and fitting first place in your dinner menu.

Enjoy the aromatic appetizer>
  Lemon and Pepper Soup Lemon and Pepper Soup :  

Bowl full of goodness that takes care of both, the health as well as taste aspect. Lemon and Pepper Soup contains Vitamin C that strengthens the immunity and helps to keep the cold and flu at bay.

Try the unique combo of health and taste>
  Chicken Noodle Soup Chicken Noodle Soup :  

A heavenly soulful preparation serves it purpose beautifully. Keep the winter chills at bay with this yummy and healthy soup.

A tasty recipe that warms your heart>
  Foodie Friday Offer - Combo of BestSeller Cookbooks Combo of BestSeller CookBooks  

This Foodie Friday, we bring you an exciting combo offer of 4 Sanjeev Kapoor's BestSeller Cookbooks at an exciting offer of Rs. 899/-.

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