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Sanjeev Kapoor Newsletter
Chef Sanjeev Kapoor

Sandwiches are not just two slices of bread with some filling!
They are versatile snacks that have so many stories to tell.

Sanjeev Kapoor
  Green Chana Chaat


For those who adore cheese, this is heaven on earth. For those who love different foods, surprise them with Uttapam Sandwich or Dhokla Sandwich.

Healthy Sandwich  

Healthy Sandwich

For those who watch their weight include this as well as Veg Triple Decker Sandwich and then there is Malai Sandwich for those who donít have to watch their weight!

 Samosa Sandwich

Samosa Sandwich

Excellent choice at occasions when you have some guests tripping in. Add Naan Sandwich and Tricolour Sandwich and have a perfect tea party.

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