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    Dec 12 Vol.2    
Happy New Year 2013  
Chef Sanjeev Kapoor  

Let’s get to the festival filled Christmas mood with good food. Get to the culinary details and see the artful and flavorful dishes culminate to a high point discussion at the New Years. Check out the Go Green grand line up we have for you this season. Add on to your skills on premium cooking’s and dish out these fine servings. This New Year “mantra,” be light and feel light following are some healthy greens that can easily prepared and enjoyed quickly by everyone.

Aloo Palak Methi Aloo Palak Methi :

Healthy and hearty fresh green vegetable that everyone will enjoy. Simplicity of the main ingredients will truly shine through with tandoori plain roti. Try it.

Try some green sunshine>
  Green Chana Chat Green Chana Chat :  

Beautifully seasoned and perfect drink accompaniment when in company of good friends. Easy to make and make plenty to go around.

Some green accompaniments to go around>
  Fruit and Capsicum Kachumber Fruit and Capsicum Kachumber :  

Fusion combo that spells hint of freshfruits and green vegetable tossed with mint and chaat masala. We suggest serve this with piping hot jeera brown rice.

Enjoy this fusion of furits & veggiesl>
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  With much thought, effort and care we have put together all these ever green recipes.
Enjoy all the delightful treats we have assembled this month. Happy cooking adventures.
See you next year!
Happy New Year!
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