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Chef Sanjeev Kapoor

Rains come with their pitter patter, loud and strong, or gentle and breezy,
but we feel like enjoying some spicy chatpata food, don't we?

Sanjeev Kapoor
  Green Chana Chaat

Green Chana Chaat

Chaats really satisfy the palate with their uniqueness!

When the monsoon comes, stock up on basic chaat items at home like sev, puri, murmura. Or simply mix up some fruits to make a Fruit Chaat!

Bhuna Bhutta  

Bhuna Bhutta

Corn is used in many a splendoured form! It is in season during the monsoon and you can rustle up some Corn Bhel or use it make main courses dishes with spinach or methi.

 Bread Roll

Bread Roll

Deep fried things cause great excitement at teatime during heavy showers! Here you are happy to be inside, curled up with a book, and a nice crispy Samosa is presented to you! What fun....try more of snacky foods with something as versatile as bread this month!

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