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MITHAI - Homemade sweets simplified
Chef Sanjeev Kapoor  

Donít shop for mithais, only their ingredients because these recipes will guide you in making perfect sweets step by step. As the base for most is milk, did you know there is a technique involved in boiling milk. Are you boiling the milk appropriately gives you an insight. For those who look at fruits as a dessert options Add fruits to your daily diet to become healthier will be a welcome read.

  Sanjeev Kapoor
  Kesari Rajbhog

Kesari Rajbhog

Something as exotic as this can be made at home, yes, do believe us! Or try your hand at Badami Katli, which is laden with goodness of almonds.

Angoori Petha  

Angoori Petha

Translucent with an inviting look, they can vie for attention with the delicious Parwal ki Mithai. Who would have thought vegetables can be used for sweet preparations in such a fancy way?

 Mawa Gujiya

Mawa Gujiya

In case you want a simple recipe of this traditional favourite, your search ends here. Oh yes, Stuffed Gulab Jamun waits for you with a great taste like you have never had before!

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