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It's the time for summer vacations for the kids and mangoes for the entire family. Mangoes are rightly called the king of fruits. The sour taste of raw mangoes or the sweet flavor of ripe ones - there are very few who don't like this fruit. Mangoes can be used to prepare several kinds of courses as they can be paired with an array of ingredients. Including fresh fruits in your diet diet is always a good idea and when it is as tasty and fun as mango, it becomes even better! These recipes are great to get you started!

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Aam ka Panna:

A traditional Indian drink made with raw mangoes – perfect for summers

Take a relief from summer by traditional drink >  

Barbequed Mango Chicken:

Boneless chicken pieces marinated in a raw mango mixture and skewered.

Enjoy chicken with mango flavour >

Mango Barfi:

Jazz up a simple barfi with the colour and taste of fresh mangoes.

Enjoy this delight fresh mango barfi>


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