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GANESH - Please Lord Ganesh with His favourite foods
Chef Sanjeev Kapoor  

Cook with love for the revered Lord. Be energetic the whole period when we Welcome Ganpati Bappa and if thoughts of tiredness creep in, take a quick booster shot by reading Coping up with tiredness.

What does the Lord like to be presented with? Our recipes will help you decide!

  Sanjeev Kapoor
  Chocolate Modak

Chocolate Modak

Be different and please your Lord with chocolate this year! Your guests are bound to be regaled! On this sweet note, try out Chandrakala too.

Saeb aur Suji Halwa  

Saeb aur Suji Halwa

A little on the light side when it comes to fat content, this halwa is just as good as Chickoo Walnut Kheer.

 Choco-Coconut Laddoos

Choco-Coconut Laddoos

Excellent in texture and taste, make these in small sizes or then plan to make Chenna Murki. Build up the rest with savoury traditions…

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