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Easter is celebrated as the resurrection day of Jesus Christ, after a 40 day fasting period that begins on Ash Wednesday and ends on Easter Sunday. Attending the mass on Easter is a must. It is a festival of being grateful for what we have and helping out others who don’t have as much. People exchange gifts and goodie bags amongst each other. Easter baskets are made and filled with beautiful and tasty Easter eggs, Easter bunnies, cakes and other gifts. Readymade Easter eggs made of chocolate, marzipan and several other ingredients are easily available in most bakeries and shops.However this year, try making some at home, it is a fun activity to include the kids in. Decorate the eggs with a variety of edible sprinkles of different types and watch in joy as your family and friends wolf them down.

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Drunken Chicken with Vegetables :

Easy to make, festive dish complete with rice chicken and vegetables !

Enjoy Drunken Chicken with Vegetables.>  

Drunken Chicken with Vegetables
Farmhouse Fruit Cake
Farmhouse Fruit Cake :

Perfect recipe for Easter. Soft cake with the bite of dry fruits and tutti fruity in every slice!

Delicious Farmhouse Fruit Cake .>

Bacon Wrapped Bread Sticks :

Bacon rashers wrapped around bread sticks, baked and rolled in a spicy cheese mixture!

Make a great starter or snack>

Bacon Wrapped Bread Sticks

Wonderchef Induction Ceramide Multi Pan 24cm with Glass Lid

Healthy, Long lasting Ceramic non-stick coating- Pure Grade of Aluminum with 3 layer Ceramic White Coating makes the Ceramide Multi Pan eco-friendly and long lasting.

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