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    Oct 12 Vol.3  
Chef Sanjeev Kapoor   Come Diwali and homes sparkle with diyas and lights, the air is laden with fireworks' smoke and the kitchens are abuzz with activity for loads of sweets and savouries are to be dished up. The final touch is provided by the irreplaceable feelings of love and camaraderie shared among friends, neighbours, relatives and family. As there is food and cooking and so much socializing, it is only natural to look for ways to coping with tiredness. But with every festive day renewed energy comes in and you can try out these delicacies.    
Pinwheel Khandvi Pinwheel Khandvi:

Gramflour can be a magical thing to work with when it comes to making this Gujarati savoury. Serve it with a little stuffing.

Gramflour magic - Abracadabra!>
  Balushahi Balushahi:  

Serve freshly made home made sweet like this and see how smiles start coming your way!

Serve it with a smile>
  Mini Chinese Samosa Mini Chinese Samosa:  

A bite of spice and all things nice to brighten up your menu ten folds

Spicy snacks mmmm!!>
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