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Ice Cream
Cooking with leftovers.

You cook food with so much love and dedication and most of the time the plates and dishes are polished off, but what happens when there is food leftover – It usually goes straight in the waste bin and that is the worst feeling ever. However there is absolutely no need to do that. As long as you take proper precaution like refrigeration and reheating the food properly, leftovers can be very appetizing . Organize your Refrigerator so you have enough space and can store leftover food properly. In fact some foods like biryani’s curries and casseroles are more flavorful and tastier the next day. Use leftover curries to make a quick biryani or some delicious pasta the next day or leftover dal to make delicious dal parantha’s. Think out of the box and you will be surprised at how many great recipes you can come up with!

Make these tried and tested recipes in your home kitchen!

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Chappati Lasagna :

Surprise Surprise! Pasta made with white sauce, capsicums and leftover roti’s in place of pasta sheets – Italian with an Indian Twist.

Try this pasta with surprising ingredients >  

Set Curd Rice :

A great way to use leftover rice. Its served chilled, ideal for summer!

Beat the summer hit with
leftover rice >

Noodle Cutlet :

Mix leftover hakka noodles with some potatoes and vegetables of your choice shape into patties and shallow fry! You have got yourself a brand new dish!

Make leftover noodles enjoyable for your family >


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