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    Nov 12 Vol.2  
Chef Sanjeev Kapoor  

We shall continue in our pursuit to get you to the home cooking advantage this Christmas season. Especially, for Christmas,the featured treats selected have amouthwatering appeal and touch of egg factor that is just right! Let the friends and guests come in this year and leave wanting for more. Christmas is incomplete without cake, pudding and cookies. Kids will love these special Christmas delicacies

Plum Cake Plum Cake :

Joyous Christmas time and cake-time go hand-in-hand. Every hand that holds this cake is sure to be merry.

Time to cleberate joy>
  Christmas Cookies Christmas Cookies :  

This is the way cookie crumbles to add to the rumble merry making and fun food relics. These sweet-smelling cookieswith just the right amount of buttery sheen with ajimmy-jammy-yummy filling will keep you coming back for more.

Cookie crumbles...cleberation doubles>
  Christmas Pudding Christmas Pudding :  

A sure shot winner all the way. Must have this festive season, which is truly perfect for all types and kinds of Christmas party themes.

Try this christmas special>
  Christmas Offer Christmas Offer: 38% Discount  

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