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    Nov 12 Vol.2  
Chef Sanjeev Kapoor  

Accompaniments in any meal would read like chutneys, raitas and dips! These not only add a touch of perkiness to the main dishes but also complete the snack or meal. These tasty titbits have two functions: to tease the palate with their sharp contrasts of sweet, sour, hot and salty flavours and to balance the meal with added vitamins and minerals. Accompaniments not only add more texture and visual delight to the meal, but also provide nutrients that balance out the meal to advantage. Talking of balance, sometimes our stomachs do lose it to acidity. Try the alkaline diet to sort things out. As winter is also here there will be the mounds of green peas to buy and store.

Meantime, research some accompaniments that come in handy at all times.

BhuneTamatarki Chutney: BhuneTamatarki Chutney:

Serve with kababs or paranthe, the tanginess of fresh tomatoes is unforgettable.

Try some tangy chutney>
  Bhindi Raita: Bhindi Raita:  

Crispy ladyfinger in silky yogurt is something that pleases the palate no end!

Enjoy this palate pleaser>
  Spinach Dip: Spinach Dip:  

Yes, a green dipping bowl that makes the table look so attractive.

Attractive and edible>
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